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This site is intended for artists and people that want to learn and know more about art and (oil) painting(s). You can share ideas, learn something about making your own painting(s).


The basics you'll find in the techniques section. This part of the site will grow as we speak so if you've got idea's, feel free to share them with me.



In the picture gallery you can find my paintings. I will write some comments and advise. In the video section you can find a lot of instruction video's to improve your skills.


Painting is a learning process and you need to try and learn about your mistake (s).  Feel free to ask questions in the forum. If I can help I'll be glad to do so.


If you want to buy a painting you can take a look in the gallery or shop. A painting can be customised or can be made again when it is sold so please feel free to ask. Five percent of the total profit goes to charitie(s). This site supports the "Child Cancer Foundation" in Belgium.


I hope you enjoy this site!    


Current exhibition in MELLE

Current paintings

The site supports the "Child Cancer Foundation" that helps Childeren with cancer and their parents. The foundation has two important initiatives, such as the "Clini clowns" and "Koester" (helps palliatory children in a home situation).