Overview of styles

Wet on wet


This technique is developed and improved by Bob Ross. It's a technique where you use a medium like "liquid white" to blend your colors on the canvas. Typical by this technique is that they use big brushes to paint a lot of things like the sky, clouds and foliage....


In addition some other mediums exist to make different effects on the canvas. One can use a transparant medium named "liquid clear" and a dark medium called "liquid black" which is used to paint something with a dark background.

Australian fine art


The Australian fine art technique is a combination of different techniques to get a more professional outcome with your painting(s). The basic painting layer exists out a very light colored paint in which they add a lot of effects, a lot of "movement", a lot of brush regions. They let everything dry and later they add different layers of glazing(s).

Classic painting technique


The classic painting technique dates from centuries ago. The preparation of the canvas was extremely important. Once they had prepared the canvas the artist added layer by layer(s) paint in different techniques. They started with dark colors and added light colors and glazes.


Some artists like Hunter used a lot of different layers of glazes to realize beautiful paintings.  

Name Technique Wet on Wet Australian Fine Art Classic painting techniqe
Canvas preparation Use of Liquid White/dark or clear Minimal, basic coat Good preperation of the canvas, they often start to add a basic color on the white canvas
Use of brushes They use a lot of big brushes A variety of brushes A big variety of brushes
Use of paint and mediums?  The base coat is the way the artist blend colors into each other. First they look for the right color on the palet en then they use the base coat to paint the work.   In the first stage the artist start with a light color of paint and makes the texture of the painting. Later he they add a lot of glazes and sometimes scumble mixes. The classic painter use a lot of glazes to make a classic work.

The oil colour book - English version - Winsor & Newton

The oil colour book - German version - Winsor & Newton

The oil colour book - Swedish version - Winsor & Newton

The oil colour book - Italian version - Winsor & Newton

The oil colour book - Spanish version - Winsor & Newton


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